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Laudi CoLab

an art based design practice

A foundational principle of Laudi CoLab is the belief in collective work as not only a tool for creating a more just world but as a joyful liberatory practice that allows for experimentation and thinking outside of professional silos. Central to their mission is amplifying community stories in the built environment that have been erased or undervalued and pushing the boundaries of what mediums are possible for storytelling. Laudi CoLab is currently a member of NEW INC year 8 cohort and residents of the Bandung 2022 Residency.
Gloria is a landscape architect, urban planner, visual artist, and sometime writer. You can learn more about her independent work ︎here.

Daphne is an urban planner, textile manipulator, and a fan of the science-fiction of city-making. You can learn more about her independent work ︎here.